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South Asian NHRI's Workshop on


A training entitled ‘South Asian NHRIs Workshop on “The Rights of Women and Girls” kicked off in Kathmandu today. The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Forum of South Asian National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) which is scheduled to be held from 13-17 April, 2015.
The opening ceremony of the weeklong event was chaired by the Chairperson Justice Anup Raj Sharma of NHRC- Nepal.

At the outset, Commissioner Mohna Ansari of the NHRC –Nepal welcomed the participants of the training including the trainers from the APF and the trainees from various NHRIs of South Asia such as Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Afghanistan.

APF Deputy Director Pip Dargan threw light on the context and rationale of the workshop. The Chair of the program, Chairperson of NHRC- Nepal Justice Anup Raj Sharma, wishing success of the program, made the concluding remarks and declared the closing of the opening ceremony.