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आयोगका सदस्यहरूसहितको उच्चस्तरीय टोलीद्वारा गंगामायाको अवस्था अनुगमन, निजको जीवन रक्षाका लागि संवेदनशील भई तत्काल कार्य प्रकृया अगाडी बढाउन नेपाल सरकारलाई पत्राचार, २०७५ जेठ २५ High Level Team Comprising Commission's Members Monitored Ganga Maya's Condition Commission Dispatched a Letter to Nepal Government Pointing to Quickly Proceed the Act of Saving Her Life Being Sensitive, 8 June, 2018
गंगामायाको जीवन रक्षा गर, २०७५ जेठ २१ Appeal of the Commission, Save Ganga Maya's Life, 4 June, 2018
अपाङ्गता भएका व्यक्तिहरूको मानव अधिकार सम्बन्धी राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलन २६ बुँदे घोषणा पत्र जारी गर्दै सम्पन्न, २०७५ वैशाख २८, National Conference on Rights of the Persons with Disability Concluded Proclaiming 26 points Declaration, 11 May, 2018
अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रताको रक्षा गर । सन्दर्भः विश्व प्रेस स्वतन्त्रता दिवस, २०७५ वैशाख २०, Ensure Freedom of Expression Context: World Press Freedom Day, 3 May, 2018

News Letter (मानब अधिकार पत्र)
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NHRC and PMO organized Iteraction on 1 year of UPR


NHRC, in collabaration with PMO organized an interaction programme on the occasion of one year completion of Universal periodic review (UPR). On the programme, NHRC Chairperson KedarNath Upadhyay, Chief Secretary of Nepal Government Madhab Prasad Ghimire and UN-Nepal chief Rebert Piper opinioned their views, stats and experiences of last one year related to UPR, Yam Dura reported.