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Suggestion of NHRC Nepal to the Government of Nepal on the recommendations of UPR Process for 16 March 2016



Recommendations of UPR-Second Cycle

Nepal's Commitment to provide response in 31st session of Human Rights Council


Suggestions of the National Human Rights Commission Nepal

to the Government of Nepal

15 February, 2015


Nepal’s human rights record was reviewed second time at the twenty third session of United Nations Human Rights Council on 4 November 2015. During the session, Nepal received a total of 195 recommendations from the 73 member states of the UN. Among those recommendations, Government of Nepal has accepted 148 and noted 18 recommendations. Nepal had made commitment to provide response to the remaining 29 recommendations before the 31st session of the Human Rights Council to be held on 16th March, 2016. The outcome document of the review, the Working Group (WG) report, will be formally adopted before the UN Human Rights Council from the Session.


In this process, the Government of Nepal has consulted National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Human Rights Institutions and Civil Society members to provide feedback. The initiative of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to coordinate with NHRI, CSOs as well as line ministries to conduct consultation on “pending recommendations” is commendable. During the consultation meeting the NHRC Nepal has provided feedback regarding adoption of the UPR Recommendations.

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