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2008-05-27 NHRC Concerns over Obstructions English Version |
2008-04-25 NHRC holds discussion with the Home Secretary and the Chiefs of Security Forces on the CA election Incidents
2008-04-18 Poll proceeding peaceful as anticipated English Version |
2008-04-08 Adult Franchise Right: A Fundamental Right English Version |
2008-04-07 NHRC to remain open during public holidays English Version |
2008-04-04 NHRC urges quick response to natural disaster including flood English Version |
2008-04-01 NHRC welcomes 10 Point Agreement and draws further attention English Version |
2008-03-17 NHRC to Monitor HR situation Prior to CA Election English Version |
2008-03-07 Issued by the NHRC on the occasion of International Women's Day, March 7, 2008 English Version |
2008-02-27 Discussion held with the officials of Home Ministry as well as Supplies and Security English Version |
2008-02-27 NHRC Welcomes Govt.-UDMF Deal, February 27, 2008 English Version |
2008-02-26 Press Release, February 26, 2008 English Version |
2008-02-21 Press Release issued by the National Human Rights Commission on the occasion of the International Day of Mother Languages English Version |
2008-02-04 NHRC Attention on "Action Threat of the Goit Group" English Version |
2008-01-31 OHCHR Deputy Commissioner Visited NHRC, January 31, 2008 English Version |
2008-01-30 The decision of the Commission Over the incidents of Janakpur and Kotvada, January 30, 2008 English Version |
2008-01-23 NHRC Attention on Commotion after Petro-Price Hike, January 23, 2008 English Version |
2008-01-20 An Appeal for the Enquiry on the Bara incident, Jan 20, 2008 English Version |
2008-01-15 NHRC Appeals for Niranjan Poudel's Release, 15th January, 2008 English Version |
2008-01-15 Recommendation for the Removal of the Armed Base Camps from the School Vicinity, 15th January, 2008 English Version |
2007-12-25 Worsening Human Rights Situation in Terai, Dec. 25, 2007 English Version |
2007-12-24 Suspicious objects at the Laboratory English Version |
2007-12-19 NHRC sends a letter to the government for the protection to the suspicious site in Shivapuri English Version |
2007-12-14 NHRC Press Release, 2007-12-14 English Version |
2007-11-18 NHRC recommends government to include human rights education in school level curriculum English Version |
2007-11-08 NHRC will remain open during Tihar holidays English Version |
2007-11-07 NHRC condemns Journalist Birendra Sah's killing, Deteriorating human rights situation in Siraha and Saptari English Version |
2007-11-06 Detainees break hunger strike English Version |
2007-11-01 Summary report on the abduction of Journalist Birendra Sah of Bara district English Version |
2007-01-21 The status of the implementation of the recommendation of the National Human Rights Commission and the Impunity English Version |

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